Monday, March 28, 2005

Darna (and Efren)

I know I drink the corporate kool-aid all too often, but you'd probably be interested in this one. This week is Darna week on, so the whole site's decked out with our favorite heavenly creature. Plus, the flash banner's so cool, JAm already has it saved.

On a related note, I just found out this morning that Dennis Trillo's character on the show is named Efren. I hope it's a sly reference to the fact that he'll soon have Superman-like powers eventually, like with the way they turned his old Mulawin character into a Ravena prince. Because, as we all know, Superman's real name is Efren.


The Contender

I spent the whole long weekend at home, didn't even get an ounce of daylight. It doesn't sound much, but between the tuna carbonara I cooked, the March Madness and Phoenix Suns games on TV, staying off the Internet the whole time, and actually getting sleep, it was one of the greatest weekends ever. Pathetic, I know.

I usually have trouble getting sleep the night before going back to school/work after a long break, and this break was no exception. Then I got suckered into watching an episode of "The Contender" on AXN at around 3am. I try to catch the show whenever I can, but it's been hard because of my work schedule.

Anyway, between the show's over-the-top drama, the well-edited boxing action, and the performance of the two hosts (Sugar Ray Leonard and Sly Stallone) breaking the record for unintentional comedy, it's certainly my favorite reality show EVER.

The episode earlier was particularly compelling because it featured the fight of Najai Turpin, the fighter who committed suicide five weeks before the show premiered. By the end of the show, it got really, really dusty in my room as Najai was talking about his two-year old daughter after the loss.

Anyway, after the show, I decided to just head over to the office (where I am right now) to just get a headstart on the week's work. And whaddya know, ESPN's Bill Simmons talks about "The Contender" in his latest column:

But it's impossible not to feel something for the loser of the big match every week, as he walks back to the darkened locker room, faces his disappointed family, questions his career and dreams, then limps out of the building with a gonging noise in the background, like the 10-count of a bell.


You already know how I feel about Sly Stallone – remember, I'm the same guy who owns "Tango and Cash" and "Daylight" on DVD. Sly could host a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Contest on the Food Network and I would watch every week. No celebrity has been as alternately cheesy, hysterical, likable, ludicrous, inspiring, laughable and endearing ... sometimes even all at once.


Could this be the show that gets casual fans into boxing again? Between sleazy promoters, shaky judging decisions, pricey pay-per-views, all the different championship belts, the lack of personable fighters and everything else, Americans don't have a connection with boxing the way they once did. Most sports fans wouldn't recognize Bernard Hopkins if he were sitting on their laps, and he was probably the defining fighter of the past decade.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Weekend update

We had some drinks last Saturday at Jonas' place, to celebrate his and Ais's birthdays. It was fun enough, especially when we started playing the "Never never have I ever" drinking game. Too bad we only got to play a single round; more secrets would have been revealed.

Oh, and Jonas still has terrible timing when singing. And he's slow too; he still hasn't figured out who the Patty Laurel look-alike is. Even after Alekos showed him this picture, which is a dead giveaway.

O, kung 'di pa ma-gets 'yan, ewan ko na lang. And if you're not slow like Jonas and you figure it out, just say, "Ahh... gets!" ok?

After that, we weren't quite ready to call it a night yet, so nag, uhm, "DotA" kami. Leks, Jonas, and Oliver all agreed that "DotA" was fun, and we were all probably going to do it again. Very very soon.

But it could have been more fun, eh killjoy si Jonas eh. Ika nga ni Joey Marquez kay Paolo Bediones, "Ikaw na lang ang malinis, kami na lang ang madumi."

Going over the news items, blog entries, and emails about the Pacquiao fight, I can't believe no one has mentioned the absolute best thing about the whole card -- Lani Misalucha's rendition of the Philippine National Anthem. I swear, I wasn't even watching the TV here at the office, and when she started singing, I just got these goosebumps. It was chilling. I think she made me more proud to be a Pinoy with what she did more than anything Pacquiao did that night.

My mom seems to agree. When I got home that evening, that was the first thing she talked about over dinner, "Nagtayuan yung mga balahibo ko sa kanta ni Lani eh." She stayed up late just to hear Lani again that night.

After work last Sunday, I had some time to run to Greenhills, so I finally got to shop for a new bag, something I'd wanted to do for some time now. Here it is:

I had wanted to buy a new pair of shoes too, but I remembered, may butas pala yung medyas ko. Saka na lang.

At saka kapag bumili ako ng shoes at bag sa isang araw... ang kikay! Hehehe.

Friday, March 18, 2005


I always bring my camera everywhere I go, just on the off-chance that I come across something interesting and I needed to come up with documentary evidence. Earlier, however, it was pouring, and since I was using a crappy bag to work (I still hadn't bought a new one), I decided to leave the bag (and my camera) at home.

Terrible, terrible decision.

See, I was assigned to cover the Mulawin cast party tonight and interview the people from the show, and the only camera we had brought along was the crappy office camera that didn't focus correctly and didn't have a flash.

Eto tuloy, ang labo...

It's a good thing the show finally ended tonight, because after this and the other day, I'm all Mulawin'd out. Hehehe, Darna naman...


Public service announcement

Single and sick of it? Txtube will hook you up. Stuff, Look and Ligaw gives a cool new twist to dating where Txtube Baby Cathy Bordalba plays cupid! If you are single, 18-23, and think you're cute enough to be on tv... text Binky at 0922-8300260 or email your photo and details to

Btw, Cathy is the girl from that Coke commercial (Eto ang beat sabay-sabay...)


Thursday, March 17, 2005

Busy day

Happy birthday Mark! I had wanted to post a greeting sooner, but I was out of the office all day.

Here's proof:

Thanks to Karl and Mimi for the photos.

Unfortunately, the only reason I agreed to go to the set was not there, because she had other things on her schedule.

Hehe, saka na ang iba pang kwento, sa inuman :)


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Doppler Report

Our very own Christie hosted the event alongside NU 107's Trish. Orange and Lemons opened the show, followed by Myra Ruaro (as Scarlet) and the Brownbeat All-Stars, Mayonnaise, and Imago, who ended their set with the always-excellent Anino (Aia de Leon looked hot). It's a great, great song, but it's also the only Imago song that I like, which is why I'm still thinking if I'm going to buy their album. I was too lazy to get up and take pictures, until it was time to go to...

Divisoria, Divisoria, Divisoria, Divisoria!

rocks, man... they opened their set with Ledgeboy, following it up with their usual gig fare (Elastik, Patlang) until they wrapped up with DV. I never realized how much energy the band draws out of Raimund's manic drumming until Saturday; it's like he never stopped pounding during the whole set, and the rest of the band was trying to catch up to him. Right after they wrapped up DV, he threw his drumsticks into the crowd, sayang, it landed only about four feet away from me into some high school kids' eager hands.

Next up was Sugarfree, easily the most popular band of the night. They're emo and a little baduy, but aren't we all suckers for Sugarfree? Plus, Ebe Dancel has the crowd in the palm of his hands throughout their performance, which included their most recent singles Sinta, Prom, Burnout, and Hari ng Sablay, a song that I can't board a taxi without hearing on 90.7 Love Radio (kailangan pa ba'ng i-memorize 'yan?). Good times!

Sugarfree's definitely a tough act to follow, but the next band was more than up to the occasion. Giniling Festival is, to borrow a phrase from The Hives, my new favourite band. They remind me most of The Darkness, with their sense of humor coupled with earnest music-playing, as well as their frontman's eager desire to please. They even have a glam-rock song, Hari ng Metal (Ang hari ng metal, walang ligo-ligo, walang suklay-suklay). I'm looking forward to the next time I catch them. Siling giniling, siling giniling!

Things took a serious turn when Twisted Halo took the stage. You know, Twisted Halo would be one of those annoying, self-important bands if they didn't rock so hard (and if Vin Dancel and the rest of the band weren't such nice people). Anyway, I just posted the picture because Vin was wearing a cool t-shirt.

After this, I wasn't really interested in the bands that played (Boldstar, Gender Bender, Delta Joy, plus a couple of bands who won the previous nights Battle of the Bands during the fair), so I didn't bother taking pictures. But I got up again for the last two bands.

Brownman Revival has been around for a long time, but this is actually the first time I saw them. They opened the set with a very cool reggae cover of Ikaw Ang Aking Mahal (probably my favorite VST and Co. song). They were pretty good, plus you could take your parents to see their show and your parents would probably like them as much.

Listening to Radioactive Sago Project over the radio is one thing, listening to them live is another thing. Since we were in Pisay and all, we were wondering if they'd be performing Astro. And then they opened the show with a number called Gin Pomelo, so you knew Astro was coming. They ended the show with a vicious, profanity-laden, and infinitely enjoyable Gusto Ko ng Baboy, sending everyone home happy.

It was a great, great gig, one of the most enjoyable concerts I've been to, despite the fact that no alcohol was served :p All the credit goes to Dacs and her merry band of Samapi members. Great, great work! I'm soo looking forward to next year :)


Monday, March 14, 2005


Summary of Idealists

* Make sense of the world using inner values
* Focus on personal growth and the growth of others
* Think of themselves as bright, forgiving and curious
* May sometimes appear stubborn

More about Idealists

Idealists put time and energy into developing personal values that they use as a guide through life. They may seek fulfilment by helping others improve themselves and often want to make the world a better place. Idealists only share their inner values with people they respect.

Idealists enjoy discussions about a wide range of topics, particularly those that deal with the future. They are typically easy-going and flexible, but if their values are challenged they may refuse to compromise.

In situations where they can’t use their talents or are unappreciated, Idealists may have trouble expressing themselves and withdraw. Under extreme stress, Idealists may become very critical of others, or lose confidence in their own ability to cope.

Recognition for their work is important to Idealists; however, they are also good at spotting false praise.

Taken from here. Will post pics from The Doppler Effect in a while :)

Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Doppler Effect

Oh Jopay... dadalhin kita sa aking bahay, 'di tayo mag-aaway, aalis tayo sa tunay na mundo...

The Mayonnaise hit song has been playing in my head the past couple of days, and they're the band I'm most excited to hear live for the first time this Saturday at....

The Doppler Effect

The 2005 PSHS Fair Concert
March 12, 2005
PSHS Open Field.

Sugarfree :: Cambio :: Imago :: Twisted Halo :: Boldstar :: Radioactive Sago Project :: Brownbeat Allstars :: Mayonnaise :: Orange and Lemons :: Brownman Revival :: Delta Joy :: Gender Bender :: Giniling Festival :: Firelane

If you're a fan of any of these bands, but aren't into alcohol or the bar scene, then probably catching them at a high school fair is perfect opportunity for you :)

Gates open at 4:00 p.m.
Tickets at the gate for P150.

Part of the proceeds of this event will be donated to Kythe, Inc.,
a volunteer organization that cares for pediatric cancer patients
and their families.

[A SaMaPi + Revolver Production]



I ended up staying here at the office until 11am this morning. At least, up na yung website.

So I went home, got some sleep, woke up at 5pm, and got back to the office a little after six. Nanood muna ako ng replay ng Amazing Race, hehehe.

In other news, reports on former Eraserheads guitarist (and surfing aficionado) Marcus Adoro's newest project:

Very interesting, especially in light of the Pulp interview. I'll probably ask Clang-fu about this the next time I see the bastard

My favorite word

Every key types away
another cold empty night
in the jealous dark I shiver
as silence pierces my heart
you go without saying

Loneliness paints my face
with the screen's cold light
but your broken whispers
keep my lips warm
you go without saying

You are all I could ever write
with every letter I become alive
as I hold your soft sighs
in the palm of my hands
you go without saying
you are
my favorite word

Wala lang. I'm still here at the office at this ungodly hour, because we've been experiencing network problems and I need to be on standby once everything's back up.

Oscar Wilde wrote that every bad poem was borne out of genuine feelings. Like when people are hurt, or when people are in love, they try to express themselves in words, but they never quite make the reader feel the same feelings that they are feeling, hence the "badness" of the poem. I guess that's where bad poets differ from the good ones.

I wish I were a good poet, so that I could be able to post a better poem than the one I just did.

Better yet, I wish I were actually in love, or heartbroken, or feeling something instead of just feeling so goddamn numb all the time; at least then I'd have an excuse for posting my crappy poems here.

Friday, March 04, 2005


I used to watch Breakfast every morning on Studio 23 back when I still had an eight-to-five job. I don't get to watch it anymore these days, when I regularly come in to the office in the afternoons and my idea of a morning show is Eat Bulaga.

Anyway, this morning, I woke up particularly early and couldn't get back to bed, so I ended up watching parts of the episode. I've got a couple of crushes on the show, Bianca Gonzales and Patty Laurel, and each one is certainly good reason to wake up early in the morning.

I've had a monster crush on Patty Laurel for the longest time, waay before she was an MTV VJ, in her first season as a UAAP courtside reporter. Then, watching her this morning, I realized that she totally looked like this friend of mine. I mean, they don't totally look alike, but the way they talk, the way they smile, the way their eyes squint when they're laughing... it's uncanny! And now, the more I think about it, I figure I might have a crush on my friend too :p

Uhm, some of you might know this friend too, which makes me wonder whether it's a good idea to post it here. Anyway, if you see a picture of Patty Laurel and see a resemblance and figure everything out, let's keep this little secret to ourselves, shall we?


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Thank God, It's Sabado

Here at the office, I'm watching Cris, Peachy, Wacks, Mickey, and Kiko (wala pa si JM at Mich eh). And, I'm listening to ultraelectromagneticpop!, Circus, and Cutterpillow.

What year is this again?


Kwentong Barbero

Bago ako magsimula ng kwento, happy birthday muna kay Tseri at kay Rosa.

I had a pretty good weekend. Friday was a holiday, and I read this message on the Cambio mailing list:

From: kris_gorra_dancel <[email address]>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 01:17:54 -0000
Subject: [cambiolist] Gigs gigs gigs mo ay nakakasilaw.

Here goes here goes:
We have a grand total of *drumroll* (2) remaining gigs this month!

Friday, Feb 25 National Sports Grill, Makati.
Saturday, Feb 26 70s Bistro Anonas (Fundraising for Dumagats)

I wanted to watch Cambio, and seeing that there was also a posting about the same gig in the Sugarfree mailing list, I texted Jam and Leks if they wanted to watch. At dahil pareho silang walang life, siyempre umoo sila (heh).

Anyway, we met up at Greenbelt and had a quick dinner before heading on to the National Sports Grill. We were each already on our second beer when we found out there was no gig at all.

We ended up watching Sideways instead, which was a wonderfully written, flawlessly-acted movie. And it had laugh-out loud moments too, which I totally did not expect. Probably my favorite movie of the year so far. It's just a little sad that at 23 years old, we were able to relate (a lot) to some of the characters in the movie.

Maybe we'll just catch the bands we wanted to see at the Pisay fair, which Kris Dancel also alluded to in her email:

March is fast approaching. Are you from Pisay? Dear wizards of numbers and mindboggling things, thank you for inviting Cambio to make lots of noise, mostly in 4/4 time signature punctuated with the occasional odd 7/8, 6/8 riffs, come March 12 -- your school's Foundation Day!!! I used to be so bitter because I flunked Pisay's entrance exam. So bitter I decided na...magbabanda na lang ako!!! Hahaha! So thanks Pisay for inadvertently pushing me towards the crazy noisy path I am now taking. I hope none of you rebel against the genius given to you by Providence. That's why Cambio is here! To keep you sane! Let's help each other build a strong nation!


And when I heard that the Pisay fair name was The Doppler Effect, two things simultaneously crossed my mind: "Wow, cool name" and "What a bunch of geeks". Should be the best gig ever, though, like Dacs said.

The next night, I met up with pretty much the same bunch of guys, plus Po, Oli, and Joyce at Gateway to watch "Lemony Snickets". It was alright, although there was nothing particularly compelling about the movie. If you're choosing, go watch Sideways instead.

Things took a turn for the worse on Sunday though, since I had to go to work to monitor the live webchat on a noontime variety show. I had figured I'd be done with it by four and planned to go to Greenhills to shop for a new bag because my old one broke down, but I wasn't able to leave the office until eight.

I arrived at Greenhills to see that all the shops were closed, so I just went to Yellow Cab to buy a pizza for pasalubong to the family. While waiting for my pizza, I looked around and found that the only place open was a record store.

I went in with the money I was supposed to buy my new bag with, and here's what I ended up with:

I had lost all of my E-heads cassettes a long time ago, and I think all that is left at home are the crappy ones like "Aloha Milkyway". I had purchased their "Anthology" CD, but I gave my copy to Tito Allan when he left for New Zealand. I had always wanted to buy CD copies of the albums before, and last Sunday I figured, "Why not do it now?" So I guess I won't have a bag until the next payday.

Anyway, listening to the CDs again, almost ten years after they were released, was quite an experience. ultraelectromagneticpop! is still a great piece of Pinoy pop music, the Heads at their rawest. Circus was an odd album; it's highs were really high, and its lows were, well, low. It also had the coolest album liner notes and album fillers. Cutterpillow, my favorite E-heads album, showcased Ely Buendia at the height of his songwriting genius, before his steady decline into, uhm, Jesus "Dizzy" Ventura. Whatever.

I suppose I could write more, but you already know I like the band. Look at my blog's name. Heck, they're the reason I wanted to go to UP... they made UP cool! Also, they are the reason the reason I still have these:


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