Thursday, November 30, 2006

November to remember

Over the course of this month, I

-- attended a Purefoods-Ginebra game that topped 16,000 people in attendance (Purefoods won)

-- moved into my own place (my roommate Urk has the details in his blog, somewhere in between half-naked pictures of men)

-- started the second semester of grad school

-- turned 25

-- had a "Queer Eye" experience when Urk's boyfriend made-over the living room, and now I feel out of place in my own home, especially during mornings, when I eat pancit canton for breakfast in the sala while watching basketball, shirtless, but it's all good

At the start of the year, I had two goals, which was to get into grad school and to move out on my own, and even if the two things combined left me dead broke and reduced to eating pancit canton every day like I was back in LB, I managed to pull it off. I was planning on writing a boring, long-winded post about the whole thing, until I realized people only read this blog for posts about sexy girls.

Anyway, ang point ko, kung gusto ko, kaya naman pala. Lakasan lang pala ng loob yun.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Green man

Spent the weekend reading Alan Moore's whole "Swamp Thing" run, collected in six graphic novels lent to me last week by Alekos, who couldn't stop raving about them. It was easy to see why Leks, a vegetarian and our resident green man, would resonate towards an earth elemental who controls all vegetation to defend humankind. I guess the biggest difference between them is that Swamp Thing actually has a girlfriend.

As for the series, it was great, even though I'm not really a fan of the horror genre. As brilliant a writer as Allan Moore is, I feel that sometimes he just fucks things up for the sake of fucking things up, but then again, I guess that's kind of the point.

My favorite parts involved the first appearance of John Constantine, more popularly known nowadays as the Hellblazer. He really did look like Sting, and during the panels where he was present, "Every Breath You Take" kept playing in my head.

(I must say though that it's kinda weird that Sting was the basis for one of the baddest motherfuckers in comic book history, given that, and I'm saying this as one of the biggest Sting fans I know and I even have a copy of "Broken Music", Sting's pretty much the epitome of middle-aged lame-ass shit nowadays.)

The Gotham episodes were brilliant as well, with the whole thing playing out like Moore's ode to the King Kong movies. Too bad Batman's cameo in the whole deal was pretty limited.


Monday, November 27, 2006


"Sa huli, pare, mananalo tayo. Alam mo kung bakit? Kasi tayo ang good guys."

Lasing na ako nun.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Calendar girl

I didn't want to put this here so soon, given the Priscilla Almeda discussion happening in the previous post. Baka kasi isipin niyo puro kamanyakan na lang ang laman ng blog na 'to.

But it's my duty to point every guy who reads this over to, where Direk Soxy/Kiven has posted the latest Ginebra calendars, featuring Angelica Panganiban. (It's kinda safe for work, thumbnails pa lang naman eh.)


You guys have probably seen these via email. Actually, kawawa naman si Angelica.

Here are Katrina's calendars for Tanduay.

Also, Iwa Moto will be on the cover of the December FHM and Pauleen Luna will be on the cover of Uno. Uh, Merry Christmas everybody!

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Ano ba talaga'ng mas gusto ko, ang beer na 'to o ang pag-ibig mo?

Start the week right. Download Jaemark's beerhouse mix now.

01 - Glen Frey - The One Who Loves You
02 - Michael Learns to Rock - That's Why (You Go Away) *
03 - Scorpions - Always Somewhere
04 - Harem Scarem - Honestly
05 - Bryan Adams - Heaven
06 - Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses
07 - Aerosmith - Cryin'
08 - White Lion - Till Death Do Us Part
09 - Guns 'n Roses - November Rain
10 - George Michael - Careless Whisper

* naaalala niyo pa ba kung ano yung pelikula ni Priscilla Almeda na ginamit 'to dun sa ad sa TV?

Ayus. Beer at sisig na lang ang kulang.

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Love and basketball in Seattle

While my father was dying, he and I talked basketball. Three days before he died, my father still had enough will and character left to deride Kobe Bryant for being a rotten smallpox wound on the game of basketball.

"I know," I said. "I can't stand him."

That meant I love you, Dad.

"I still can't believe they traded Shaq instead of Kobe."

That meant I love you, too, Son.

Of course, no matter how much I hate Kobe, I still love to watch him play. He's a ferocious poet on the court. And I most especially love to watch him lose.

Sherman Alexie's ode to coffee, love, and the Supersonics is the best essay on basketball I've read in a while.

I am a holistic basketball fan.

I love the wins and losses. I love the spectacular assists and idiotic turnovers. I love the poetry of teamwork and the pornography of jump shots taken too early in the shot clock.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Let your cellphone shine on me

Kagabi, sa taxi papunta sa klase sa UP, nawala ko yung cellphone ko. Tatanga-tanga rin naman kasi eh. Bad trip, kasi telepono ko na 'yon (actually, SIM ko na 'yon) mula pa nung college.

Hindi naman sobrang hassle, kasi swerte na rin. Na-isyuhan ako ng telepono ng office nung isang buwan, at nailipat ko naman yung mga contacts ko galing sa lumang phone papuntang bago, kaya meron pa rin akong teleponong nagagamit ngayon. Ang nawala lang talaga sa akin, yung luma kong telepono, kasama na ang mga text messages na naka-save dun, mga text message na matagal ko nang sinasabi sa sarili kong buburahin ko, mga text message na hindi ko pa rin binubura, dahil ayoko pa talaga, dahil hindi pa ako handa, dahil gusto ko pang basahin paminsan-minsan para mag-drama. Ayun, nawala yung telepono. Bigla tuloy akong nagkaroon ng closure. Mabuti na rin siguro yung ganun.

Pero nakakainis pa ring mawalan ng telepono, kahit na-minimize na yung hassle. Kagabi, bwisit na bwisit ako, nasabi ko sa sarili ko, "Man, this has been a terrible, terrible month... I really need to catch a break."

(Oo, nag-i-Ingles ako pag kinakausap ko ang sarili ko. Sosyal ako eh. Ba't ka ba nangengealam? Sige nga, i-translate mo yung "I really need to catch a break" sa Tagalog.)

Tapos kagabi, nakatanggap ako ng maliit na envelope. Walang return address. Pagbukas ko, nalaman ko na galing siya sa, isang online printing service kung saan um-order ako ng libreng business cards mga ilang linggo na rin ang nakakaraan.

Natuwa ako, kasi nakakakaaliw at magaganda yung mga card. At libre! Pero sandali lang yung ngiti sa labi ko nung ma-realize ko na lahat sila, naka-print yung phone number ng luma kong telepono.

Putanginang yan.


Listening to The Cars on a Saturday afternoon

I was playing to Sandwich's catchy "Goodnight January", and I suddenly got the urge to listen to The Cars, because the first verse of the song went:

The story of your life is in the key of B
If you remember all the things you said to me
When we were down in San Mateo
The Cars were playing on the radio

It's kind of sad that most people only know The Cars because of their hit single "Drive" when in fact, most of their music is really, really far from that. The band sounds a lot like Adam Schlesinger pop songs, with a bit more new wave synth. In fact, Stacy's Mom contains all sorts of references to The Cars.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Celebrity watch

Working in a television network has kind of desensitized me when it comes to celebrities. I mean, I still enjoy looking at stunningly beautiful women in person, but the novelty of the whole thing is gone (which is why I don't really blog that much about celebrities). You kind of get used to it, everyone here at the office does; this morning, in fact, a whole bunch of celebrities went in to do photo and video shoots right here at the office, and work went ahead as usual (except obviously for those who were actually involved with the shoots). There are exceptions though, like that evening the whole office went batshit because Robin Padilla was in the house, but situations like that are few and far between.

In fact, I think I get more excited about seeing the more obscure "celebrities". The last celebrity I had a photo taken with was Jojo A (all the way!). I'd already written before about the inordinate amount of joy I get when seeing Kuya Germs. And I always get a kick out of seeing Steve Kvetko (from Startalk's popular blind item segment, "Da Who") around the building; he's always, like, carrying boxes and stuff. I never see Fayatollah around though.

Anyway, I'd like to write about a couple of odd celebrity sightings I had the past couple of days, both of them outside the workplace. Yesterday, while queueing up at the University of Pila to pay for my tuition for the semester, beauty titlist Carlene Aguilar was a few spots behind me at the line. In her white shirt, jeans, and sneakers, she looked just like any other student (well, if any other student were BB. Pilipinas-World). Now, I've always liked Carlene Aguilar (I kinda have this thing for chinita girls), but seeing her in that context, clinging to her form 5 tightly, checking to make sure if she has enough money on her, sweating like everyone else in the middle of the day at the AS building, and, you know, paying for her tuition fee at UP fucking Diliman? That was pretty hot.

And now is as good a time as any to post a picture of Carlene Aguilar in a bikini:

carlene aguilar

Oh, and she used to date (is dating?) Dennis Trillo. Yes, the same Dennis Trillo who gets to make out with Angel Locsin every night on prime time television. I think "Dennis Trillo" stands for "Lucky Sonofabitch" in Spanish.

My second celebrity sighting is, unfortunately, devoid of hot chicks (I mean, unless you're into seventy-year old women). But it was still very interesting. See, I was at Greenhills last night, killing time while waiting for friends for dinner, when I happened to walk by Pilita's, the restaurant owned by (who else?) Pilita Corrales, the one constantly plugged by Kuya Germs in his afternoon radio show.

It was a small place that had glass walls, so you could see the whole restaurant from outside. The place only had one table occupied, all guests of Mamita, who was on a small stage singing along to a minus one. A little while later (what, you think I would have left so soon?!) one of the old ladies, whom I recognized from a couple of Master Showman episodes although I have no idea who she was, joined Mamita on stage to sing a couple more songs.

And then I had this crazy idea. My birthday's coming up, and what's better than celebrating your birthday with friends and throwing down a few beers? Why, of course, getting totally shitfaced with all your friends while Pilita Corrales sang live in the background. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking.

Best. Birthday. Ever.


Picture that

The wonderful people over at the Philippine Web Awards had been bugging us for pictures for the judges' profile page for about three weeks now, and I'd been stubbornly ignoring their emails. Actually, I was thinking about having my picture taken here at work, something cool, since we have our own photographer on the team, not to mention a studio right here in the office.

I never got around to doing it, though, and yesterday the nice people running the Awards basically said "Screw it!" and ran the picture I gave them from last year. Yeah, the one where it looks like I didn't even bother combing my hair. And this is the same picture everyone from the industry will see when they go to the website or thumb through their copies of the awards program.

(Oh, and the profiles page also contains a link to this blog, where people can read about references to my affection for Paris Hilton and her promiscuous sex life.)

At least, I didn't end up giving them a really embarrassing picture. Like, me in a Jeremy-Piven-in-a-Gap-ad pose.



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