Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Come on and rock me tonight, ako ay sa 'yo forever

I bought a couple of CDs earlier tonight at Gateway, where my officemates and I had dinner. The first was Orange and Lemons' second CD, "Strike Whilst the Iron Is Hot."

I always liked the band ever since I saw their video on TV. I've always liked their style (even if it could come off a bit pretentious) and I've always liked their sound, a combination of Belle and Sebastian sissy rock, Burt Bacharach '60s pop, and with a little Manila sound on the side. I never did buy their first album, probably because I didn't find buying it compelling enough; the album was a bit more expensive than the regular OPM record, and their songs tended to be a little too long and over-indulgent (I felt their tracks would have worked better as two-and-a-half minute pop songs).

Then last week, on a cab on the way to work, I heard this Tagalog song on 90.7 Love Radio and I could have sworn it was by Orange and Lemons. But it couldn't have been Orange and Lemons going Umuwi ka na, baby on Love Radio, right? So I searched the Internet for the song, which sounded like something Hotdog would write, and true enough, it was by Orange and Lemons!

So that's how I ended up buying their CD. After picking up a copy (which was only P250 cheap, yey, and yey to their record label for selling it cheap and getting it played on a non-obscure pop radio station!), I looked around the rest of the OPM rack to try to find another disc. I thought about buying Pedicab's Tugish Takish, but I had already listened to their whole CD and I was quite disappointed; there was nothing on the album as good as, say, Cambio's Ledgeboy (which was also written by Pedicab frontman Diego Mapa).

And then I saw a copy of VST and Co.'s Greatest Hits album, which sold for only P250! So I quickly grabbed the disc and went to the counter, where I witnessed quite possibly the most stupid conversation between two record store employees ever:

Girl 1, taking a look at the VST CD: "Sino 'tong VST? Magaling ba sila? Parang ang daming bumibili sa kanila ah."

Girl 2: "Dahil 'yan sa Sex Bomb, kasi ni-revive ng Sex Bomb 'yung kanta nila."

WTF? Ok, so maybe the Sex Bomb cover helped, but still, VST's work stands on its own. Sa record store pa naman sila nagta-trabaho. Kainis.

But it's cool. Anyway, tomorrow I'll write about this new girl I met over the weekend, and how she's changed my life completely.



Talo ko sila, mas matanda pa ata sila sakin pero at least kilala ko yung VST & Co. :P


VST & Co. rocks! na-iwan ko yata dyan sa pinas yung greatest hits CD ko. yung meron ako dito yung TVJ "iskul bukol" na puro mga kalokohan... hehehe!


VST & co rocks! i have their greatest hits.


reminds me of saleslady in GNC (the health supplement shop)...

my husband:(reading from a bottle of vit c) what are bioflavonoids?
saleslady: oh, they are just to enhance the flavor.

(in reality, bioflavonoids are natural pigments that reportedly help in preventing cell damage caused by free radicals)

i didn't mean to be long winded but my point is... i hate sales people who don't know a thing about their products! don't know what's worse, yung walang alam o yung nagmamarunong :0P


vst is classic.
i have nothing against the sex bomb but comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges.


You are more idiot than Kris Aquino. Trim your tummy coz i feel like vomiting looking at your pic.




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