Friday, June 01, 2007


Torn and Frayed explains:

I would draw a distinction between Trillanes and Honasan. Honasan seems to me the classic loose canon, firing off at will and in all directions. Trillanes, on the hand, is a much more targeted character and, importantly, he hasn’t killed anyone. Whereas over 100 people died in Honasan’s 1987 amd 1989 putsches (oh, sad and pointless deaths), Oakwood was a purely symbolic event. Its main raison d’être, to expose corruption in the military, was proved to be 100% correct shortly afterwards when Major General Carlos Garcia was found to have accumulated a fortune worth over $1 million, despite having a salary of about $600 a month. The fact that Trillanes and his posse were proved to be so spectacularly right is surely an important reason for his support.



The amount of dollars lost in investment - possibly in millions too - was sacrificed because that purely symbolic event...and it's not that easy to put numbers to the lives lost because of poverty. Obviously, the people who glorify Trillanes have not had an experience to personally explain to investors why our country is a peace-loving country in general and that most of us struggle to make life better for others in much more peaceful means.

Sorry Jaemark for such a long post.. I got a little fed up with all the Trillanes posts! =P


so... i'm guessing hindi mo binoto si trillanes?


trillanes and you are looking at narrow aspects of the Filipino experience.

imo, the military's shenanigans being kept for so long in the dark also has had a large, if not larger, impact in economics. true, the oakwood capture meant a large loss of investment money, but a single defining event is small peanuts compared to the loss of development money due to a continual practice of graft and corruption in any sector.

ako, nde ko pa rin sya binoto.


Heh! ke pulitika o idealismo, o sa anu pa mang dahilan, NATAKOT AKO. Nung Oakwood, at nung mga nakaraang kudeta. Anong susunod? Kung pupunuin nila ang Senado, ano na lang matitira sa Pilipinas :-D.

Madaming tao na gusto lang ng payapang buhay. Sana igalang nila.

-- Adik


i didn't really vote so i shouldn't have a say in this but this article really bugged me:

so we all don't like gloria, but to make that your top goal in the senate is just counter-productive. and to not do something (not use pork) should not be considered a priority. and setting people free from prison, not really in the job description either. if he mentioned any form of actual service to the people well and good pero puro personal agenda e. ano kaibhan nya sa ibang pulitiko?



my post was not to say we turn a blind eye on corruption but in this day and age, I'm sure there are ways to make people aware of it rather than holding people hostage in the central business district...

...and yes I did not vote for Trillanes.


this is quite a thread...

i am very proud to say that i voted for trillanes and he's at the top of my list,not that it has any impact on the actual numbers...

the thing we should realize here is that corruption is so ingrained in our society that we have to make extraordinary acts just to get people to notice. true enough, after his expose, he was proven right by gen. garcia (too bad kapangalan ng ex-president).

i could blog about this but i realized after may 14 that i hate politics. hahaha.

for jona: getting gloria out should be a priority, i think. NOT using the pork barrel is a GOOD thing for now since it symbolizes corruption so much! it's the root of patronage politics. to claim that his is a personal agenda is unfair, since that seems to be the agenda of the 11 million who voted for him.

i could explain further but this is not my blog space ;)

FYI: I got 9 out of 12 correct. It would have been 11 if Angara wasn't on TU and if dad didn't prod me to vote for paredes. this is, to date, my highest percentage in an election. (Roco, Coseteng and Paredes didn't win; if paredes did, 5 na silang PMAer sa Senate, not to mention 3 batch '71)


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