Friday, December 30, 2005

Greatest hits

Dahil naaliw ako masyado doon sa huling post, nag-browse muna ako sa archives ng blog ko. Eto yung mga paborito kong post ngayong taon.

(Blog ko 'to eh, ba't ka ba nangengealam?!)

Siyempre, the best yung Galera trip, kung saan si Nikki ang life of the party.

"Ito ang mga huling taon ng dekada '80 at ang mga unang taon ng dekada '90. Ito ang panahong uso pa ang makiuso. Kung ginagaya mo ang style ng mga artista, hindi ka tatawaging jologs. Ito ang panahong tapos na ang Martial Law, pero malayo pa ang new millennium. Hindi pa high-tech pero di naman old fashioned. Saktong-sakto lang!"

The Doppler Effect at Pisay. Siling giniling, siling giniling!

Ang pangarap ko sa buhay. Hehe.

"I would take her to the Bay to watch the sunset, and then I would take her to this place in Mabini where they served the best dimsum in Manila. Then I would make the "To siomai love for you" joke, even if it's corny, just for the cheap smile I would get out of her when I made that joke, and really, how could I ever resist seeing that smile on her face again? And remember that extraordinary something about her that I couldn't figure out? I would have spent my whole life trying to figure it out."

"So Frank, Ivan, JAm, Rico, and I were at the FHM party last night. Alekos was originally supposed to go, but yesterday he sent me a message: 'Shit, ngayon ba yun? Sorry can't come, something came up.'"

"She's the new girl in Eat Bulaga, the one who's making every fanboy today say, 'Toni who?'"

"When Samuel Ong declared to the media that he possessed the 'Mother of All Tapes' he said he feared for his life, he implored for protection from Susan Roces. You know, because Susan Roces is such an all-powerful, uhm, what is Susan Roces again? I mean, Ong does know that even though people call her 'Queen of Philippine Showbiz' she isn't really a queen, right? I wish she had turned him down, just to see if Ong would ask Dolphy next (because, you know, he's the 'King of Comedy').

"(And then I wish Dolphy would turn him down so he'd be forced to ask every other celebrity, and they all turn him down until Ong is forced to ask someone like Jay-R, who's the 'Prince of R&B'.)"

"I've been thinking about how our President would be able to get out of this mess, and I spent the majority of the last week racking my brains for the answer. And then I finally figured it out.

"Two words: Sex video."

"It's such a comfort to go to a Bayang Barrios gig, like I did last night at the Conspiracy Cafe. When she starts singing beautiful songs about love (yes, love!) like Joey Ayala's 'Walang Hanggang Paalam' or 'Malayo Man, Malapit Din' (the theme of Pinoy Abroad), you'd have to convince me that angels weren't the least bit involved. Something so divine couldn't merely be pedestrian, right?"

"Ganito raw talaga sir kapag nagda-drugs eh."

"Minsan iniisip ko, ang lovelife ko, parang basketball team ng UP."

"Mas masarap magmahal ang taga-UP."


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